Petes Brooklyn Eats

About Pete’s Brooklyn Eats

The year was 1989, and in the heart of Sunset Park, Brooklyn a delicious and enduring family tradition was born. It began with the inviting smell of fresh basil & tomato sauce that greeted customers when they stepped inside the restaurant.

Despite what others may say, there are no shortcuts to success. The secrets of producing perfect pizza and authentic recipes are centuries old, and passed on with care from one generation to the next. And only the experienced chefs and pizzaolos carefully trained hand and eye can bring these secrets to flavorful fruition.

At Pete’s the art of making delicious authentic food and mouth-watering platters remains unchanged after more than 28 years. We still insist on the highest quality ingredients in all our food. We still personally inspect every shipment for purity, consistency and even color. Because the best food not only taste good, it looks good. We still pay exacting attention to every detail at every step. And we still cook and taste our food in our kitchen before we allow it to travel to yours. Our family name is on the line with every bite. And it should be.

Look at it this way: When you compete against the mystique of franchises and the clout of food producers, you have to be the best.

The Neighbors Rave

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Outstanding home cooked food prepared by a talented & fast-moving staff in an impeccably clean kitchen at a great price. The kind of place you could eat at five days a week & never have a bad meal.
A friend recommended Pete's to me and I'm so glad he did! I stopped by for lunch today and ordered an eggplant roll. It tasted amazing! I will definitely be coming back here for lunch more often.
Daniel Matthews Brooklyn, NY
Don't normally give 5 stars but for these guys I'm going to make an exception. Service great, staff friendlyness awesome, food very good and price super good.